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Back in February, I discovered Wild Olive’s stitch swap. I was super excited and signed up right away.

When I found out who my stitch swap partner was, I was intimidated. She is from the UK. And she’s a student at the Royal School of Needlework. Her blog had pictures of all the beautiful things she had made in classes. I was scared that what I stitched would be nowhere near cool enough.

Nevertheless, I decided that I just needed to have fun with it. The swap wasn’t about ME: it was about my swap partner.

I combined two things she likes: flowers and the abstract, and did a quick sketch of what I wanted to stitch first.


Then I started stitching.

In the end, I really just did have fun with it. Over the weekend, my swap partner emailed me to say she’d received my hoop and really like it! woohoo!


I also thought it’d be fun to share some of my faves from everyone that took part in the stitch swap. These were all taken from the flickr group, which people uploaded pictures to as they created and received their hoops. Check it out if you have second!

(photo from Wild Olive)

I JUST stumbled on a post about a stitch swap on Wild Olive, and I am super excited. What exactly is a stitch swap? Well you create a small piece of embroidery (a 4-inch hoop, to be exact), and ship it off to someone else! For this swap, you will be creating a piece for the person that signed up ahead of you.

When you sign up, the form asks what your favorite colors are, and if you have preferences for themes. I’m guessing that the answers will help the embroiderer come up with a design that the recipient will actually like. Oh, and you have about a month to complete and send the project.

Like I said, I’m really excited about this. I feel I’ve gotten some practice from the past couple embroidery hoops I’ve done (links are here, here, and here).

There will be updates posted on Wild Olive with regards to this whole swap. I’m curious to see what great creations people come up with!

If you want ‘in’ on the fun, go sign up here!
If you want to sign up, but don’t know how to embrioider, no worries– check out her tutorial and learn how.