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Happy Halloween!

Have you ever bought something for a certain purpose, but ended up using it for an entirely different purpose? That was with with RIT dye. I got it to color a shirt with a bad stain, but ended up using it to tie dye a pair of jeans.

It was my first time using RIT dye, and I didn’t realize it wouldn’t work on polyester. And of course, the stained shirt was non other than 100% polyester. Figures, right?

I decided to dye my jeans instead. They’re a pair of light-wash bootleg Citizens I haven’t worn for years. I’ve been meaning to turn them into skinny jeans (insert link to DIY skinny jeans tutorial), but never got around to it.

I found this tie dye jeans tutorial on Craftgawker, and wanted to try it out. I was a little scared they’d come out really cheesy-looking, but still gave it a shot. I’m glad I did.


I scrounged up all the elastics I could find at home, and banded up the jeans with an equal number on each leg. I scrunched the jeans up and tied my last elastic over the whole bundle.

Next step: dyeing. I followed the instructions on the RIT packet carefully, using one packet and three gallons of water. If I wanted a darker rinse, I could’ve used less water. I left the jeans in the dye for a half hour, turning the bundle often. And yes, I used rubber gloves! (I didn’t want Smurf hands!) When it was all done, I rinsed. And rinsed. And rinsed. Then threw them in the wash by themselves on light wash.

Once they were washed, I sewed them into skinny jeans.

They didn’t turn out too shabby. I love how I was able to turn these oldies into goodies. Next time, maybe I’ll try tie dyeing jeans with bleach for a different result!

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s Father’s Day? Unfortunately, I was a delinquent daughter this year and didn’t have a chance to send my dad anything. I know, I know. Bad, right? It’s been really hectic with house stuff, so I dropped the ball. I’ll have to make it up to him somehow.

With regards to house stuff, I was looking at the mirror in our downstairs bathroom and decided that it’d be great to change it up. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’ve got an itch to find an ornate frame, convert it to a mirror, and paint it neon blue or something. The mirror looks like a fancy picture frame hung up on a wall…which got me thinking that we could swap it out for something more fun.

So this week’s roundup is on DIY mirrors. I’m really digging the tennis racquet ones because they’re so original. If you’re looking for a revamp for a bit of your home, I hope this gets you inspired!

Feminist Mirror // Dans Le Townhouse
Vintage Tennis Racquet Mirrors // Apartment Therapy
Rope Mirror // Apartment Therapy
Mosaic Mirror // Head in the Clouds
Honeycomb Pallet Mirror // loving. living. small
Drift Wood Mirror // The Cuban in my Coffee
Sunburst Mirror // K Sarah Designs