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01 Happy Easter! We spent the weekend in Oklahoma, visiting my in laws. Hattie loved hiding out under the bunk beds in Jeff’s old room. We caught her sleeping like this!

We also had a fun time visiting DK, Amyie, and our niece Emmy. Hattie got to meet their dog, Dozer, for the first time. She ended up playing with all his toys, but he was really good about sharing. 02

Hope everybody had a good Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

My friend Andrea is kind enough to guest post for me today about Pysanky, a Ukrainian Easter Tradition. She’s been making these beautiful eggs for a while, and even teaches classes on how to make them. Hope you’re as wowed as I am!

*all photos below are courtesy of Andrea!


Growing up as a first-generation Ukrainian-American, I’ve been making Ukrainian Easter eggs- pysanky- with my family since I was a young girl. I always loved making these beautiful eggs, and now as an adult I enjoy teaching lessons and sharing this ancient tradition with others.

The designs are not painted on but rather written on the egg using a batik, or wax-resist, method. You start with a raw white egg. Then, everything you’d like to be white in the final design is covered with
melted beeswax using a special tool called a kistka. You then dip the egg in yellow dye and repeat the process, using successively darker dyes. At the end, the wax is melted off to reveal the dazzling colors of the finished design. You may then blow out the egg and varnish it, or leave it whole and it will dry out over time.

Everything on a pysanka means something. A line around the egg symbolizes eternity. Wheat stands for wishes for good health and a bountiful harvest. Ladders symbolize the search for happiness. The egg itself represents rebirth and renewal.
Pysanky were first created over 2,000 years ago in pagan times. The symbols were later adopted to have Christian meanings. Pysanky are traditionally given as gifts, and are also included in Ukrainian
Easter baskets.

To read more about my pysanky please click here, and to learn more about pysanky click here.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Easter tutorials online, and thought it’d be fun to center this week’s roundup on the egg. I found all of these especially cute and creative. And the cool thing is that they’re fun for the young and old alike. Enjoy!

confetti eggs (and game!) by Oh Happy Day
easter bunny egg cozies by Go Make Me
easter egg holders by Lisa Storms
paint chip easter bunting by Modern Parents Messy Kids
dyeing eggs the natural way by rizalaYa