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Happy Monday!

The weather here in Texas has been really nice recently, and it’s put greenery on my mind. My friend Amy just sent me a box of Garden Bon Bons in the mail. The thing is packaged like a box of chocolates, but instead of chocolates it contains little seed balls. I’m really looking forward to planting them. Anyhow, with greenery on the brain, this week’s roundup is all about projects you can make with moss.


moss graffiti // A Bit of Bees Knees
moss frames // Ruffled blog
pea & moss balls // Sand & Sisal
moss toadstool wreath // Please Note
moss centerpiece // Better Homes & Gardens
hanging moss frame // Our Mini Family
mossy monograms // Old Willow Farm

I also wanted to share two cool moss-inspired items you can buy.
Amazing wood and moss-inspired jewelry by Mr. Lentz. See more on his site or on his etsy.

Moss tables by Ayodhya. No watering required! Read more about them here.

Now go out and get green!