— whollyKao


I’m still in shock that it’s mid-May! During these past few weeks, I’ve been busy traveling (more on that later!) and making these fun DIYs for the Crafts Unleashed blog.

If you’re looking for a fun tea party idea, why not make this tea storage box? 01-hero-notag


Also check out my washi tape dispenser tutorial! It’s a fun way to store all those rolls of washi tape you’ve got. 13 01b

What have you been crafting up this month? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

01-heroB If you’re on a washi tape craze like I am, then you’re constantly looking for new ways to use it. I came up with this easy way to make festive drink tags with it. It’s a quick way to glam up your next shindig. You can also use these as nametags for your guest’s glasses too. Check out the full tutorial on the Crafts Unleashed blog!

whollyKao_WoodSlabClock whollykao_WoodSlabClock_2 I’ve been wanting to make a wood slab wall clock for a while now. The idea is simple: turn a piece of tree trunk into a clock. It’s an easy and elegant way to spruce up the walls at home. Plus the great thing is that you don’t even have to chop down a tree to make it!

To make your own, check out my tutorial on the Whimseybox blog today!