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make your own wax seal

Earlier this year, my pencil-eraser stamp tutorial was Freshly Pressed on the WordPress homepage. I got a crazy amount of comments on my blog that day, and I still remember someone challenging me to adapt my tutorial so that the stamp would work as a custom wax seal.

Well, I’ve finally gotten a chance to tackle this challenge, and made myself a personalized initial seal. I love how it adds a touch of class to my letters. Hop over to Crafts unleashed to check out my full tutorial.

  1. Ria says: November 3, 20126:59 AM

    I like it! I should make one of my own, for fun!

  2. ilene says: October 16, 201212:32 PM

    great idea! i’ve got to try this!

  3. Pam says: October 15, 20125:52 AM

    I love this idea! Thanks for sharing:)

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