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DIY rope rug

A couple weekends ago, I made a rope rug. A 4-foot one, to be exact.

I had seen this rug from the Purl Bee and the MegaDoily rope rug from Ladies and Gentlemen and wanted to make one. My friend Ashmo asked if I’d be willing to make one as a wedding gift for her friend. My answer? Of course!

The inspiration:

the materials:
-Rope cord (16/32 diameter).
I found it on Joann Fabrics, and used about 3 boxes of this stuff. I was lucky to have a coupon, so the rope was 40% off!

-crochet hook, size “S”.
I’d been jonesing for a S hook since the winter, and this was the perfect excuse to get one. I opted for a bamboo one, which felt really sturdy with the thick rope. I’d recommend it over a plastic one. For anyone who’s wondering, a S-hook is the mother of all crochet hooks: it’s about the size of a normal carrot.



I followed the pattern all the way through, making sure to crochet each round relatively loosely. When I was done, I wove the ends of the rope through the rug.

When I had to join the rope (i.e. when I finished a box of cord), I taped the ends together and sewed them to the rest of the rug to keep them in place. I had to be careful or else they would fray and unravel.

Here’s the rug in progress (and me having fun with it):

It took roughly 8 hours to make. I got blisters from the rope, but that was also because I crocheted it pretty tightly in some areas. Don’t do that.

I was really happy with the final rug. It was chunky and quite comfy to sit on. It’s not the kind of rug you want to put a lot of furniture on though, because of its bulk (it weighs about 20 pounds).

Overall, I’m glad I got to make a giant rope rug. Now I can check that off my list of ‘someday crafts!

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  6. Name (required)Sheila Desmond says: February 2, 20151:31 PM

    Is it 100 yards or 300 yards needed? I’m confused

    • whollykao says: February 4, 201511:55 PM

      Hi, sorry for the confusion! You will need 100 yards total (I bought 3 40-yard boxes).

  7. Nancy Barnard says: December 8, 201411:35 PM

    Hi, Esther ~ I just left a comment applauding your instructions on this rug, but I do have one question as far as the cotton rope. Would the following rope (link enclosed) for this rug? Thanks for your help.
    Mrs. Nancy Barnard


    • whollykao says: December 9, 201410:40 PM

      Hi Nancy,
      yup that’s the same kind of rope that I used for my rug! Happy crocheting!

  8. Nancy Barnard says: December 8, 20148:58 PM

    Hi, Kao ~ Your instructions are so easy to understand! I’ve looked at several sets of instructions and they all assume that the person who will be crocheting the rug is highly experienced at crocheting. I can do the basics, so I know if I have the proper and basic instructions (which yours are!), I can make one of these gorgeous rugs which I’ve wanted for so long.
    Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail what to do from the very beginnng to the end. I am so relieved to finally find you! Have a wonderful holiday season!!
    Mrs. Nancy Barnard

  9. Marina Yamamoto says: November 13, 20142:32 PM

    It’s so pretty! I wanted to make them for christmas gifts, but 8 hours?! I dunno about that!

  10. Kricket says: November 9, 20147:14 AM

    Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that Joanns has a 60% off
    Coupon this weekend!!! Time for me to finally make this rug.
    One guestion though… there are conflicting amounts in the post
    and pattern. Is it 3 40 yard boxes or 3 100 yard boxes?

    • whollykao says: November 11, 20143:55 PM

      Hi, you are going to need 100 yards total, which roughly breaks down into 3 40-yard boxes (and you’ll have a bit extra, in case you need it). Happy crocheting!

  11. Iris says: August 12, 201412:18 AM

    just below the hook size it says pattern. just click on the word pattern and you either print or download the pattern

  12. Zahrah says: July 25, 20147:15 AM

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It gave me the confidence to finally tackle this project. I will have to order the bamboo hook online – what size it? Thanks again and here’s to hoping mine turns out half as nice as yours!

  13. judi says: June 6, 201412:28 PM

    Could someone tell me how to print this pattern or email it to me.

  14. Katie says: May 26, 20148:10 AM

    Kao or Veronica can you please email me the pattern :) katie.hedges2@gmail.com

  15. Mary says: May 16, 20148:30 PM

    Love this rug!! I’m confused with row 7-ch 1 for the next 3 stitches?Do u mean sc?

    • whollykao says: May 27, 20149:44 AM

      Hi Mary, sorry for the delay! What I meant was ch 3, for a total of 3 stitches!

  16. Veronica says: May 1, 20145:45 PM

    Hi Kao,

    I love this rug and am trying to make it myself. The note in the pattern mentioned that you had to reduce dc to sc and finally a sl st. Do you remember around which round you started having this problem? During round 3 my rug has started to get “wonky”. I’m wondering if using sc would help or if I haven’t followed the pattern correctly.


  17. Melanie says: March 26, 20146:01 PM

    Any idea on how many feet of rope it took to make this rug?

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  19. Sasha Maclean says: February 7, 20141:58 AM

    Hello! I love this and I am so excited to try this!!! I’d like to make it larger though….any suggestions??

  20. Name eliza says: February 4, 201411:07 AM

    Where can i look for the tutorial? Tks!

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  22. Karen says: January 6, 20148:07 PM

    Hello, I just finished my rug which I absolutely love! Thanks for the turorial. I had a quick question for you, how well has your rug held up over time? I made one with the help of a friend and wanted to make one for her but after handling the rope I’m not sure how practical the rope actually is. Thanks for any info you can provide.

    • whollykao says: January 9, 20146:07 PM

      Hi Karen, glad you like your rug! I made mine for a friend’s friend that I don’t personally know. So to be honest, I am not sure how it’s been holding up! I haven’t heard any complaints though, so I guess that’s a good sign!

  23. Colleen says: December 14, 20131:42 PM

    Did it take three boxes of rope that are 100 yards?

    • whollykao says: December 30, 20137:33 PM

      Hi sorry for the late reply. Yes, I ended up using just under three 40-yard boxes (about 100 yards).

  24. shanie says: December 9, 20132:44 PM

    Hello..please i woul like to see the pattern but ..it says its not possible..were can i find this patern..tank you !

  25. Erica says: November 8, 20139:10 PM

    Hi. Great job! Have you made any others with more designs in it?


    • whollykao says: November 8, 201311:10 PM

      Thanks Erica! This is the only one I’ve made so far!

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  29. Francine says: June 20, 20134:46 AM

    Wow! I have wanted to make one of these forever but was too scared! I am so inspired to do this now! You are amazing!

    • whollykao says: June 20, 20139:26 AM

      Thanks Francine! :) Glad I could help inspire you!

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  32. Stefani says: May 2, 201311:54 AM

    I absolutely LOOOOOVE this tutorial! I just finished my rug last night! Although, I was super disappointed with the rope. I ordered 3 boxes off Joann.com with a 50% coupon. :D But, all the rope had almost dirty oil marks all over then and the rope was extremely dirty in two of the boxes. I am trying to figure out what way to wash the rug to get it more clean, but over all it turned out amazing! There’s a picture of it on my websites home page! :) Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the tutorial!


    • whollykao says: May 6, 20138:01 PM

      Hey Stefani! Your rug looks awesome! Yay :) So sad to hear that the rope was dirty, though. That’s so frustrating. Maybe you can complain to JoAnn?

    • Catherine coy says: March 26, 201512:55 PM

      Bathtub with oxo brite or non chlorine bleach should work!

  33. Sarabeth Bohan says: April 12, 201312:17 AM

    Can you use another type of yarn? The rope is just SO thick, and I know it would be more study to do it that way…

    • whollykao says: April 12, 201310:57 AM

      Hi Sarabeth, you can actually use any kind of yarn you want! Anything from t-shirt yarn to a several strands of super-chunky yarn at once, or thinner rope. Just make sure you adjust your crochet hook size accordingly.

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  37. roshida says: December 22, 20125:44 PM

    can you make one for me pls? i will pay you?

  38. Brittany says: November 11, 20127:31 PM

    Hi! In what section in Joannes did you find the rope cord? I looked everywhere for it and did not find it.

    • whollykao says: November 13, 20129:02 PM

      Hi Brittany, the rope cord is near where they keep the furniture trimmings at Joann’s. They make you buy it by the yard at the store, but it’s definitely a lot cheaper if you buy the entire box online (and use a 40% off coupon!).

  39. Diviértete con cuerdas says: October 22, 20129:03 AM

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  41. fabiana says: August 11, 20127:19 PM

    Hola, Hermosa!!!!,por fin conseguí el patrón a través tuyo, muchas graciass!!!!

    • whollykao says: August 11, 20128:02 PM

      de nada chica!

  42. Maria says: August 8, 20124:45 PM

    beautiful! I wish I know how to crochet!

  43. Melissa says: June 30, 20121:16 PM

    Beautiful job!! Where are the directions?? I would love to try this!

  44. Bonnie says: June 27, 20126:17 PM

    ah i have wanted to try one of these forever! thanks for the tutorial!

  45. nikki says: June 27, 20124:28 PM

    I love this! i’ll need to try!

  46. michelle says: June 27, 20124:19 AM

    this is so cool, i def need to learn how to crochet to make one of these boys!!

    • whollykao says: June 27, 20127:23 PM

      For sure! and also…YouTube is actually a pretty good crochet teacher :)

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  48. Amy aka Mimi says: June 23, 20124:01 PM

    Your rug is beautiful! And, thank you for the link to my shop, Mimi’s Needle Basket :)

    • whollykao says: June 24, 20125:16 AM

      Aw, thanks! I’m glad I got that crochet hook from your etsy shop! Love how it looked, and how sturdy it is!

  49. Di' says: June 23, 201212:58 PM

    Cool & awesome! A job well done, Esther!

  50. Marjorie says: June 23, 20126:17 AM

    Oh my!This is awesome. I can crochet, but this is a huge one. Hmm, this is another challenge for me. wish me luck! :)

  51. Ria says: June 23, 201212:23 AM

    That looks really nice! Yet another thing on the list of “Things that make me wish I could crochet.” :)

  52. polkadottango says: June 22, 201210:07 PM

    This is beautiful! I bet you could even dye it if you wanted to. Thanks for sharing!!! :)

    • whollykao says: June 22, 201211:10 PM

      I bet it’d look terrific dyed! Great suggestion. Hmm…perhaps for next time!

  53. thefishwifey says: June 22, 20125:06 PM

    omg. I love this!

  54. P.S. I Love Soap Co. says: June 22, 20124:24 PM

    That’s great….I don’t think I’d have the patience or the hand strength to do it though……

    • whollykao says: June 22, 201211:14 PM

      :) it’s all good! I bet you have the patience to do a lot of other things besides sit and crochet a rug!!

  55. deCamville Design says: June 22, 20124:18 PM

    Esther – That’s amazing! You’re so talented! I love it! ~Patricia

    • whollykao says: June 22, 201211:11 PM

      Thanks Patricia!

  56. daribix says: June 22, 20123:02 PM

    ok…you need to sell these so those of us who can’t crochet can get one!

    • whollykao says: June 22, 201211:14 PM

      I wish! Sadly for the amount of time + labor to make this, I don’t know if it’d be profitable to sell them. But making them as gifts on the other hand…totally worth it!

  57. JeannieRichard says: June 22, 20122:15 PM

    Definitely going to get me self rope cords!!!!!!!

    • whollykao says: June 22, 201211:13 PM

      do it! :)

  58. dlvanveelen says: June 22, 20122:00 PM

    Awesome! And I love that one of your tags is MEGA DOILY! Hahahahahahahahaha! I am definitely going to pin this so I can come back to it…once I can crochet!

    • whollykao says: June 22, 201211:12 PM

      Find some friends who crochet and start a crochet group! Sounds kinda old ladyish, but its fun!
      I wish I could take credit for the name, but the original giant rope rug (made by Ladies and Gentleman) is called Mega Doily.

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