— whollyKao

  1. samgrillo42 says: June 16, 20122:20 PM

    Thank you for finding this recipe and posting it. Looks delicious.

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  3. Asparagus pesto pasta | f00dventures says: June 9, 20125:54 PM

    […] basil, walnut & kale pesto pasta (whollykao.com) […]

  4. polkadottango says: June 8, 20126:47 PM

    This looks so yummy! I think pesto makes everything taste wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Pocky says: June 8, 20126:39 PM

    This looks yummy, minus the tomatoes. I like non-chunky tomato sauces, but not a fan of just plain tomatoes.

    I’ve been searching for some simple & easy (& inexpensive) recipes to add to my recipe box. My husband usually does the cooking & leaves the baking to me, but he starts school soon…so I’ll be taking over the chef role a few nights. Can’t wait to give this a try!

  6. simplycessie says: June 8, 20129:27 AM

    hi esther! this looks good. hmmm, i wonder if i can get kale here in the phils.

  7. JeannieRichard says: June 8, 20128:23 AM

    This goes into my folder of Recipes!

  8. Ria says: June 7, 201210:36 PM

    That looks delicious! Personally, I’d probably pass on the tomatoes (never been a big fan of them), but the rest of it looks so good that I wish I had some for supper right now! Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe, too!

  9. P.S. I Love Soap Co. says: June 7, 20126:17 PM


  10. thelittleloves says: June 7, 201210:48 AM

    that looks so yum! thanks for sharing, will be sure to try this one out some time :)

  11. bluebuttonpress says: June 7, 20125:31 AM

    That looks delicious! We’ve been stuck in that same food rut, and sometimes if seems like such a chore to do the shopping and all the prep, but it so worth it when you have a fresh and tasty meal in the end. Thanks for the inspiration. I have some fresh rhubarb in the fridge and I’m now determined not to let it go to waste.

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