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waffle furniture

I just saw this on Design Sponge and had to post it. It’s a waffle iron that cranks out a set of miniature waffle furniture. And you can decorate the pieces however you want. The question is: breakfast decor (aka fruit and syrup), or dessert decor (sprinkles, chocolate, whipped cream). Perhaps the answer is both!

This waffle iron was concocted by designers Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira. You can read more about it here. Now…when can we buy one?

The Texas-shaped waffle iron may have just been one-upped by this furniture one!

(photo by Sew Caroline)

  1. sylvitahandmade says: May 2, 20123:39 AM

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    I keep seeing these waffle furniture show up on Facebook and Pinterest. I think they’re cute, but they don’t have any “syrup trappers”! That’s what makes waffles the superior breakfast food, the fact that they’re basically crispier pancakes designed to trap syrup! Anyway, whaddya think? Would you buy this waffle maker?

  2. sylvitahandmade says: May 2, 20123:37 AM

    the furniture waffles are cute, but gimme the texas waffle!!! Now that’s a waffle!

  3. araalinea says: May 2, 20121:31 AM

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    So … PRETTY O.O #hngggg #yesplease

  4. alena says: April 27, 20121:19 PM

    no way!!!
    texas > tiny adorable edible furniture…ok but only slightly.
    aaaand now i’m homesick.

  5. the speech monster says: April 26, 20123:41 PM

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    Omg. There are so many thoughts racing through my mind as I read this.
    For one, it would be a total hit with friends and family.
    I could also totally see myself using this in the near future with birthday parties for Benji.
    It would also be super for speech-language pathology therapy sessions around language:vocabulary building (gotta name the types of furniture), sequencing (steps needed to make the waffle batter), descriptors (sprinkles/colors/taste).
    How very exciting. I just have to figure out how to get my hands on this fun toy.

    PS: If you haven’t already, check out Whollykao’s blog it’s full of creative and fun posts (Whollykao was one of the WordPress featured sites not too long ago).

  6. the speech monster says: April 26, 20123:32 PM

    omg!! yeah i’ve done a couple google searches can’t seem to find where to purchase it!

    • whollykao says: April 26, 20124:06 PM

      Sadly, I think the waffle iron is just a ‘concept/design’ project for now, and not actually for sale. :( Maybe the designers should consider making and selling it!

      • the speech monster says: April 26, 20125:43 PM

        what a shame yeah they should!! :-))

  7. lovedufromthestart says: April 26, 20122:28 PM

    I want this really bad where did u get those!!!!

  8. Ria says: April 26, 201210:18 AM

    Now I’m hungry! :-D

    I think there’s an untapped market here. Custom-shape waffle makers!

    • whollykao says: April 26, 20121:50 PM

      No kidding! And imagine how much fun making brunch would be if you had your own custom waffle maker!

  9. searchingtosee says: April 26, 20129:16 AM

    love it! Just shared it on facebook :-) Thanks!

  10. Smez says: April 26, 20129:10 AM

    looks so sweet that I can already imagine having a sugar overload tummy ache! haha

  11. gabygabyss says: April 26, 20123:48 AM

    they’re too cuteee… I’m glad I found your blog, always brighten up my mood :D

  12. Becky says: April 26, 201212:08 AM

    Hee hee! How cute!

  13. niasunset says: April 25, 201210:02 PM

    Reblogged this on photographyofnia and commented:
    You will love them…. :)

  14. P.S. I Love Soap Co. says: April 25, 20129:44 PM

    Sprinkles, chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream & peanuts:) YUM!

  15. booksandasummergirl says: April 25, 20128:28 PM

    I was obsessed with dollhouses and miniatures as a kid. Acquiring these would simply delight me because you can play with dolls, then eat all the evidence!

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