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the color block roundup

Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry this week’s roundup is a day late. We were in Cali over the weekend and got back late on Sunday night, which threw my blogging schedule off.

The trip was short but nice: we went to see Jeff’s grandpa, who is nearing 100! The weekend was centered around two things: eating, and walking, and we sure did a lot of both. We also got a chance to visit the Davis Farmer’s Market for the second time. The farmer’s market just came out with its own cookbook, and the author was there sign copies on Saturday. Apparently you can get all the ingredients for the cookbook’s recipes from the farmer’s market. How neat is that?!

Now for this week’s roundup: color blocking! What is it? It’s basically wearing a lot of different colors at the same time. You can either color block by wearing an outfit comprised of those different colors. Or you can wear a garment that has a bunch of colors ‘blocked off’ on it (colors are sectioned off from each other in straight-edge geometric shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles. The colors usually complement each other, but that’s not always the case. Seems like a fun way to brighten your wardrobe.

These DIYs are fun, and are also a great way to upcycle old clothings/purses/shoes. I’m really wanting to make the color block top. I figure you can rummage for great scraps of remnants at the fabric store, so you can create this for cheap!


color block neon TOMs // iGriza
color block neon purse // Le Minimalist
color block clutch // Just B
neon toe shoes // Luxury Spot
carDUOgan // Park & Cube
colorful credenza // design*sponge
color block top // Scared Stitchless
golden triangle nails // Binky_Bunny via flickr

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  1. ScaredStitchless says: April 12, 20127:59 AM

    Thanks for the link! It was a really fun, easy and cheap top to make!

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