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estieMade & Shop Good

Have y’all heard of Shop Good? It’s this gem of an indie boutique in Oklahoma City. They sell clothes, accessories, and cool knicknacks you’d actually want to give your friends. Did I mention they are the only shop in the area that carries Warby Parker? Owners Justin and Audrey also screenprint the shirts sold in the store (and online). How cool is that?

The neat thing about Shop Good is that everything in the store is socially responsible, fairly traded and connected to a local or international community development project. In short, they want every purchase made to help others out, whether locally or farther out.

Last week, Shop Good started carrying my jewelry. This is the first time I’ve sold anything in a physical shop, and I’m stinkin’ excited about it. These are some of the pieces that are on sale:
I’m thankful for Amyie and DK for connecting me with Justin and Audrey, and for this opportunity. I’m dying to see the setup in person, but we don’t live close to OKC. Audrey assured me that my stuff has a nice spot by the window, though!

So if any of y’all live around OKC and have a free moment, go check it out for me instead! Well, you don’t have to go for me, but you should really go check out Shop Good. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. amyieeee says: February 23, 20123:36 PM

    sorry! we haven’t had a coffee delivery/been up there to take pics of your stuff for you!!! I’m sure you’re doing great, they loveed the earrings you made for me!!!

  2. staceywei says: February 20, 20126:03 PM

    AHH!! So exciting!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  3. ilene says: February 20, 20125:21 PM

    thats awesome esther!!! what a great opportunity! i hope it sells!!!

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