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the Anthro bookcase

Have you ever seen something in a catalog, gawked at the price tag, and thought ‘I could totally make that?‘ That was my reaction to this bookcase in the Anthro catalog. Cool vintage books, beautiful bookcase, but why the heck does it cost $1400?

So I set off to make my own. The case is custom made to fit certain books. I wanted to make one for our cookbooks, so that’s what I based my measurements around. It’s made by gluing a lot of slivers of plywood together.

At first, I thought I could just buy a big piece of birch plywood and get the guys at Home Depot to chop it down to the many individual pieces. I never got around to trying that. I asked my dad instead, when we were home for Christmas. Lucky for me, my dad’s a pretty great woodworker. And he’s got all the necessary tools to cut the wood. After seeing how much work it was to cut all the 1-inch, and 2-inch segments, I’m glad I didn’t ask at Home Depot. They would’ve laughed in my face and told me to buy a saw instead.

I had my dad cut several pieces of wood at these heights (below). The book ends are 8.5-inches tall. And yes, I carried all the pieces back to Dallas with me in my carry-on!

To determine how many pieces I needed at each height, I measured the spine of the cookbooks we had at home.

I sanded all the pieces with super fine sandpaper. In the process, I inhaled a bunch of sawdust and injured my shoulder. Next time, I think I’ll have to get an automatic sander. After sanding, I arranged the wood pieces to make sure the books and case would look nice together.
Then it came down to gluing and staining the case. I used strong wood glue and a dark wood stain (no varnish).
The wood was actually kind of tough to glue together, because all the interior segments are different heights.

So the steps were: glue, wait 24 hours, then stain. I did two coats of stain, sanding the wood down with steel wool after each coat. Here it is after the first coat:

I haven’t had a lot of experience with wood glue or stain, but I learned that I should be more careful with the glue. The areas where the glue dribbled over ended up being stain-resistant. And that’s even after I wiped off the excess glue and sanded the area. It didn’t ruin the case, but it’s not very pretty.

After the stain was all dry, my bookcase was ready to go.

By itself, the case isn’t that impressive. But once you load the cookbooks on, it looks pretty sweet. I especially like how the cookbook colors accent the dark wood.

So there you have it: the Anthro bookcase. And done for waay under $1400. If I had my own fancy saw, I’d make more of these and give them as gifts. Some day, perhaps?



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  15. maggie says: July 12, 201411:27 PM

    Very cool. I actually bought an excellent saw a few months ago and for the record, it was about $400. So, at $1400, you could actually buy three fancy saws and give two away as gifts and still have money left over for the wood, glue, and stain. On second thought, just make the bookshelves. :)

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  17. Donna says: June 18, 20149:59 AM

    The price is for the vintage books-6 to be exact and they are hardly vintage-the whole thing is worth less than $50 and easily made.

  18. Marie says: March 27, 20141:24 PM

    Would anybody be able to make this for me if I paid them a fair price? I LOVE the design, but am a huge DIY klutz and will never be able to do it myself.

    • Jason says: May 28, 20147:33 AM

      Are you still interested in someone building you one of these? If so, How many books are you looking to hold? Send me an email to lindelium18@gmail.com and I will see what we can work out. Also, where do you live?

  19. connerctvr.soup.io says: February 7, 20149:00 AM

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  24. Name (required)sam says: September 16, 20133:08 AM

    Yes, yes, but in the Antro one, all the tops of the books line up, that’s the point of the different levels!

    • Kimberly says: August 15, 20141:08 AM

      You’re right. The Anthropology one does have them lined up.the solution would be to put the tallest books in the lowest slot and make width accordingly.in other words just swap width for height,if that makes sense?centering all measurements around the tallest book and subtracting from overall height would give you the measurements needed for the slats. Hard to explain.sorry if I’m totally inadequate at explaining.lol.but honestly i like the diy better than the Anthropology one.

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  36. Tried&Twisted says: June 6, 20138:06 AM

    This is great! Looks exactly like the original! I saw this featured on BuzzFeed.

    • whollykao says: June 6, 20135:15 PM

      Aw thanks Sara! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  45. Sally says: April 16, 20121:09 AM

    I read 90% of the article thinking that he should have made the outside panels higher like the anthropology one. I didn’t realize until the end that the one I was assuming was the expensive store-bought one was the one he made!

  46. dressupforme says: April 12, 201210:54 AM

    thsi is soo cool and creative! I just watched yoru otehr DIY projects and all of tham are so creative! Thia actually ia genius and when I opened I thought this will be a difficut wood cutting instructions but you really suprised me…(and my friands say that’s difficult ;) )

    Give you a high five for this and teh other things! Lobelly, please never stop this – you are more than good at this!

    Greetings from Lithuania!


    • whollykao says: April 13, 20122:08 AM

      Aw, thanks! :)

  47. :) Doro (: says: April 11, 20124:18 AM

    That is awesome, and I’ll be totally trying this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  48. montanachic says: April 10, 20121:24 AM

    Seriously so amazing!

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  51. Marloes Pieper says: February 2, 20121:04 PM

    Turned out great! I like how the book tops don’t match up!

    • sam says: October 8, 20142:08 PM

      But isn’t that the all point of that original bookcase? To make a all bunch of disparate books appears the same height, to make the all thing as a solid block? In that respect this is a miss…

  52. supamoto says: January 30, 201210:55 PM

    The original work is a lot like this one by Mike & Maaike, which cut out an indentation out of a piece of solid wood.


    • whollykao says: January 31, 20125:02 AM

      Thanks for sharing that link! The shelves by Mike & Maaike are great.

  53. Tina @ Squirrel Acorns says: January 28, 20122:04 PM

    Awesome job! I like yours better than the Anthro one! Need to show this to my woodworking husband.

  54. Rebakah says: January 28, 201212:46 PM


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  56. Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano says: January 22, 20125:14 PM

    This is brilliant! Great job!

    • whollykao says: January 23, 20122:13 AM

      Thanks Kelli!

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  59. jaime says: January 21, 20129:41 AM

    The $1400 includes the 6 vintage books. i was wondering why the cost was so crazy so i clicked on the link to check it out.

    • whollykao says: January 21, 20122:59 PM

      Those must be some rare books (collector’s edition, perhaps)! Or at least cool enough to merit the price tag!

  60. Shauna C. says: January 19, 20129:16 AM

    Saw you on craftgawker, as well. This is great and I actually like yours better than the anthro one! I like how the sides of yours are higher, I think you executed this idea a little better than they did ;] Now to find a friend with a saw….

    • whollykao says: January 20, 20123:06 AM

      Thanks Shauna — I’m flattered!

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  62. Megan says: January 19, 20121:05 AM

    Came over from Craft Gawker and, boy, am I glad I did! This is a terrific idea. I think I’ll try to make one for my husband (who loves his cookbooks) and my sister (who loves anthropologie). Thanks so much for sharing!

    • whollykao says: January 20, 20123:07 AM

      Glad you like it, Megan. Have fun making your own. I’m sure your husband and sister will love their book cases!

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  64. steph says: January 11, 201212:31 PM

    Love this! Great job!

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