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amy’s apron (tutorial)

Remember this apron? I made it for my friend Amy and posted it a little while ago.

A couple people were asking me how I made it, so I decided to make a step-by-step guide. It’s my first time doing a formal tutorial, so I’m real sorry for being wordy. If anyone has questions, feel free to message me!

And if you end up making one, please share pics with me! I’d love to see them!

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  4. Kimberlee says: March 23, 20143:54 PM

    Thanks for a great tutorial! This was my first sewing project and it was a great way to learn a lot of different sewing techniques! See my finished apron at http://perfectionofimperfection.com/2014/03/23/resolutions/

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  6. Lenny says: March 20, 20148:32 AM

    Love the apron, thank you for the great tutorial

  7. lanie says: March 18, 20149:18 PM

    Are your measurements in cm or in?

    • whollykao says: March 21, 201411:41 AM

      Hi Lanie,
      the measurements are all in inches.

  8. joyce says: October 17, 20135:21 PM

    Thanks for the tutorial, I love the apron.
    this is mine: http://jojskee.blogspot.nl/2013/10/sewing-like-busy-bee.html
    Mine doesn’t fall quite nice at the top, any idea how i could fix that?

    • whollykao says: November 3, 20139:49 AM

      Yours looks great! Hm, suggestions for quickly fixing the fabric falling at the top: Maybe the best/quickest way would be to starch and iron the top of the apron. Or if you can tighten the neck strap so that the apron hangs as you’d like it, that would be a quick fix too. Or perhaps you could sew or iron on a strip of interfacing or some stiff fabric to the inside of the ruffled edge, to help the heart neckline to keep its shape.

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  11. Theresa says: July 5, 20133:39 AM

    This is a great pattern – I studied it heavily when I was making the apron for a friend, and have now linked to it in my blog – http://alittlebirdmademe.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/27-free-tutorials-and-patterns-for-aprons/

    • whollykao says: July 7, 201311:59 PM

      This looks great, Theresa! And thanks for linking back to my blog :)

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    • whollykao says: March 17, 201310:04 PM

      Your apron turned out great! Also – I love that you shoot your photos outside! That last pic in your post is really neat!

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  19. ilene says: November 18, 20113:06 AM

    great tutorial! love the pics u drew!!

    • whollykao says: November 20, 20112:54 PM

      Thanks Ilene!

  20. Andrea says: November 17, 20117:39 AM

    Wow! I feel so grateful that you posted this! It makes perfect sense. I can’t wait to get started on mine (can I bring my sewing machine to Houston over thanksgiving ;) and I’ll def show you pics later. Can’t wait! Oh and love the dotted red lines- super helpful! Thanks esther :D

    • whollykao says: November 20, 20112:54 PM

      Yay, glad it helped. Can’t wait to see your aprons when they’re done!

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