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pumpkin carving & the one hour skirt

Happy Halloween, everybody! By now, most people are either sugared out or hankering for the half-off candy that’ll be at CVS tomorrow. I scarfed too many brownies today and regretted it. We had sweets at work, along with a pumpkin carving contest, which (I’m proud to say) I won. The odds to win a prize were pretty good though, since I was one of two participants. I spent last night carving out this bad boy:


I used 2 big pumpkins to create this: one was for the head; the other was for the two hands.

My tools? One of those 5-dollar pumpkin carving sets with the little knives, and some X-actos. After all the carving was done, I decorated the mini pumpkins with a Sharpie.

My right arm was pretty sore from all the carving, but it was worth it to win. The prize? Tickets to this weekend’s Cowboys game. Even though the Cowboys aren’t doing so well, Jeff and I are excited to just go to a game (neither of us has ever been). Woohoo!


Now on to the next subject of this post: my ‘Halloween costume.’ Okay, it’s not really a costume…it’s just an autumn colored skirt I made over the weekend and wore today. I followed this tutorial from etsy and made my own skirt. The directions come from a book called Sewing in a Straight Line, and are really easy to follow.

I got this fabric at a craft sale for 1$ a couple months ago. I love the pattern, but unfortunately the fabric is too thick/stiff for the elastic waist on this project, and makes the waist look really chunky. That’s a lesson learned for me. I’ll still wear it though. Hopefully it won’t make me look preggers.

If you get inspired to make your own skirt, share some pics – would love to see it!

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  1. alena says: November 1, 20114:25 PM

    i LIKE the chunky waistline! it’s so chic!
    impressive deal on the fabric, woman!

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