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I first saw this braided hex nut bracelet on my tumblr feed. It’s a DIY from Honestly…WTF’s blog.

The original bracelet is from Giles & Brother.

The men’s version is here, the women’s version, here. They also have a necklace version:


Check them out – they’ve got some pretty great industrial pieces.

Yes, Giles & Brother’s stuff is pretty to look at, but pretty pricey. This is where HonestlyWTF’s DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet tutorial came in handy. If you can braid, you can make this bracelet. Real easy. All those days of french braiding my teammates’ hair for volleyball in high school finally came in handy. woohoo!

I started off with these elements:


The tutorial calls for rope twine; I used leather lacing. I also varied the size of the hex nuts to better imitate the guy’s version of Giles & Brother’s bracelet. For the record, hex nuts are pricier than I thought. I spent about 9$ on them for this project.


One thing that helped me a lot was to wedge the end of the bracelet between our coffee table drawers. This held the bracelet strands and allowed me to braid it tight.


I braided the entire length of the bracelet, and put a clasp on this bracelet, so I wouldn’t have to tie it on. A toggle clasp would’ve been better than what I used, but I didn’t have any around.


After trimming the extra lacing, the bracelet was done.



Now go make one for yourself!

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  12. Name (required)Sherry says: January 22, 20151:19 PM

    How long were your leather strips before you started braiding, and how long was the finished bracelet?

    • whollykao says: February 4, 201511:59 PM

      Hi Sherry, sorry for the delayed response! My finished bracelet wrapped around my wrist a couple times. I want to say the leather strips were 1.5-2 feet long before I started braiding. Really, you can make them however long you would like – it just depends how many times you want the bracelet to loop around!

  13. Brianna says: January 19, 20151:23 AM

    how many yards did you use for the leather lacing?

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  18. Yvette says: December 2, 201410:10 PM

    super cute! what thickness lacing did you use? thanks!

    • whollykao says: December 3, 201411:41 AM

      The lacing was about 1/8″ thick, and it was square/boxy. You could also use leather that thick that is rectangular. Happy crafting!

  19. Joy says: October 25, 20145:22 PM

    How did you attach your clasp to the bracelet? I love it, it gives it a more polished look. Thank you!

    • whollykao says: October 28, 20149:35 PM

      Hi – I knotted the leather lacing, then slipped the clasp on right before the knot (I used two pairs of jewelry pliers to open and close the jump ring that’s attached to the clasp). I also placed a jump ring on the other end of the bracelet (where you hook the clasp into), and had to use my pliers to do this as well. Hope that helps!

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  24. Alex Cardo says: January 4, 201411:40 AM

    Really simple fantastic DIY idea. If these nuts are made ​​of gold, then we would now jewel!

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  28. catherine says: November 16, 20135:36 AM

    where did you buy leather lacing?

    • whollykao says: November 17, 201312:24 AM

      hi Catherine, I got the lacing from Joann Fabrics. it’s in the jewelry dept

  29. Amanda Sparks says: November 7, 20136:43 PM

    This is super neat! Thanks for this project idea. I can’t wait to try it out for holiday gifts!


    • whollykao says: November 8, 201311:10 PM

      Yes, they’d make great gifts. Hope you have fun making them! :)

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  33. Birthstones says: June 8, 20132:45 AM

    This is super cute! I will have to give this a try, Thanks for sharing!

  34. Nooby lady says: April 8, 20133:42 PM

    Sorry, kinda new to DIY. Could you explain:
    a.) how to braid it? Is it just a normal two-string braiding?
    b.) how you got the nuts onto the bracelet?
    Thank you. c:

    • whollykao says: April 9, 201310:56 AM

      Hello! so it’s a regular three-strand braid that you do here. And to incorporate the hex nuts into the bracelet, you thread a hex nut onto an outer strand (either the one on the left or right), and then braid it towards the middle. You have to hold the hex nuts in place pretty firmly though. Let me know if you have any other Qs. Good luck!

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  36. Betty Winslow says: February 2, 20132:35 PM

    Hex nuts are way cheaper bought by the box….

    • whollykao says: February 3, 201310:26 AM

      Thanks for the tip! Will keep that in mind for next time!

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